Extracurricular activities

Mizuhono Extracurricular Activities

We also offer various education depending on each curriculum and we offer three curriculums after regular lessons. We have various learning depending on each curriculum. We have a learning method that allows you to leave your childhood intelligence so please be sure to contact us if you are interested.

Immersion Class

Immersion is an English word that means to throw into or immerse yourself into something. The curriculum use Grapeseed`s teaching materials and improve learning ability by placing them in an English-only environment.

Grape SEED is a special program developed to acquire English as a second language, and it will improve children's English ability through programs that have proven successful in the whole country.

Cosmo Sports Club

This is a company that works for society, for kindergartens, for people, and for the world. We willl create the future of the next generation through programs involving children, such as physical education and childcare.

Mizuho Kindergarten conducts sports clubs, soccer clubs and rhythmic gymnastics clubs. We want the kids to have their motivation through this programs.

①We want to compete ②We want to imitate ③We want to do something difficult ④We want to be recognized by turning on these four switches.

Cosmo also has an educational purpose.

  • ①Draw out and bring out the possibilities of children
  • ② Acquire the basis of humanity.
  • ③If they fall, they have to stand up by themselves
  • ④Make a lot of failed experiences and raise children who can not escape from failure and difficulties.
  • ⑤We build small successful experiences and gain confidence.

Pencil Land

At Empitsu Land, we prepare a method that you can feel safe. In order to foster a well-balanced growth for children, kindergarten provides some curriculum such as basic Math, Japanese Language, Good Manners, Social Instruction and Feelings. These curriculums are conducted once a week.

In addition, in order to provide safety even after graduation, along with the study guidelines of the Ministry of Education, we also offer elementary school courses which are carefully prepared and reviewed. In addition to stable academic ability, Empitsu Land will teach based on knowledge such as psychology to learn self-control and relationship-building with others.

Jakpa English Conversation Class

All instructors are foreigners whose mother tongue is English. Instead of dry learning methods, we will offer hands-on lessons all-in-one to learn through play such as singing and playing games. We will foster children's positive attitude and international feeling while touching different cultures with foreigners. (Target: young to senior)

Gakken Preschool Class

The stimulation and experience you receive in early childhood form the foundation of your intellectual abilities. Gakken preschool classroom playroom takes as their following goals. Developing the basic skills of "text, words, quantity, figure" as preparation for school, we develop "invisible" scholastic ability such as ability to listening and understanding ability and thinking ability. Learn the fun of learning in a group and acquire sociality (communication skills, team work, etc.)

This is a preparation class for children, focusing on fun activities and experiences, with abundant teaching materials, focusing on the subjects with aspirations. Send feedback

Piano classroom

It will be a one-on-one lesson by a piano lecturer of Kunitachi College of Music. We will cultivate rich musicality in fun through careful and careful instruction on basics.