Individual curriculum

ー Individual curriculum ー

Writing / book reading, English, gymnastics, and keyboards will do everything as daily as possible. As a rule, we will repeat this every 15 minutes every day. English and gymnastics hours are 3 days a week with a full-time outside instructor. Young and middle school students have a full-time lecturer on the rhythm twice a month.
When children realize that they enjoy playing individual curricula and work on a daily basis, they notice that they have become able to do it !! and want to do more from having fun! I will go. We aim for what all children can do.


Children love to write

Childhood is when children become most interested in the Japanese alphabet and it is also when they have the most growth potential.Starting with easy Japanese letters, they practice step by step until finally they are able to make sentences of their own through the learning ability that all children possess.

First,it's important to build a strong,
heaalthy body

Our children acquire the basic physical fitness that is necessary in childhood by running with all their might in daily sprints. Moreover, through daily exercise, we aim to nurture the children’s agility and sense of equilibrium.


You can do it.Start with the first step
of choosing a tune that you like

Children develop a natural ear for music by playing the melodica almost every day using the music that they have chosen themselves.

Children enter the English world by enjoying themselves through play

The acquirement of languages is from childhood...
The best time to start learning languages is from childhood before children acquire fixed views. Children learn the basics of English when they still have an open mind and their sensitivities are still flexible.Our English teacher is a native speaker who naturally loves children. Children who don’t have any preconceived ideas soon come out of their shell as you can see from their faces. We offer fun English learning through play which is taught in a soft and gentle manner.