Comprehensive curriculum

ー Comprehensive curriculum ー

Integrated learning "Olive-time" is named with the image that sprouts of olives are divided into several branches.


Choice Time

With choice time,After entering the school, children will have their own choice by providing different teaching tools and activities at each corner until regular lessons begin or when waiting for a bus.Within that, you will learn the habits of your choice, the ability to communicate with friends, and the adherence to rules in freedom.

Circle Time

By thinking about one theme, giving ideas and impressions one by one, playing games, deepening the power and knowledge to be presented, and having an opportunity to actively express one's own thoughts I know the pleasure of speaking freely.


Olive Time Integrated
Child Care

It is a time that aims to cultivate "rich humanity" such as compassion and communication skills, and to cultivate "total strength" that can not be achieved with individual curriculums such as writing, English and gymnastics. The specific content will be determined and implemented in each grade or in each class.