Educational Philosophy

In an environment suitable for children, we aim to raise children who are healthy and happy in mind, body and spirit and are well-mannered.

Right greeting / heart of gratitude / pretty words / strong

Educational objectives

Taking educational policy as our foundation, we aim to implement comprehensive childcare which respects both freedom and discipline and maintains an environment of overall harmony. Think by yourself by doing various programs,
work together with the children around you to create something I would like you to to foster communication skills.

Cultivate Spontaneity / Increase Creativity / Nurture Cooperation

Mizuho's method

Taking as its foundation, the nurturing of human qualities and the fostering of humility which is the “spirit of Mizuho”, we encourage “motivation” and not “skills”. What may appear to an adult as “study” is seen by children as “play”. Before “writing”, “English language” and the “harmonica” turn into “studies”, we aim to instill the joy of learning. In this way, children naturally acquire the ability to learn.